What is an Escape Room?
Traditionally, real-life room escapes are a type of adventure game where you are “trapped” in a room with your friends, family or co-workers and attempt to use your imagination, puzzle solving skills, observation powers, and teamwork to  ‘Escape the room’ within the time limit.

Our challenge is to solve a series of stimulating and fun puzzles to solve the mystery and work toward a final reveal.

Are we really locked in?
No!  At Funhouse Escape, you are able to exit at any time, however, once you leave the game, you may have to forfeit the remainder of your experience without a refund.

Is your room scary?
Not at all!  Our room is themed to be entertaining and fun for all ages, though for playing purposes, we recommend children 10 and older.

Do you have a different version for kids?
The room itself is the same, but the Game Master/Stage Manager will be more interactive with a group that includes kids so that they can solve the challenge.

Is your room high-tech, like we’ve seen on TV?
Our room is not high-tech on purpose.  We know you are inundated with technology all day long, and our room is a way to ‘escape’ that… even for just an hour.  Our room is intended to make you think, without consulting a computer or phone for answers.  Use your collective wits and experience as a team to solve our challenge.

Your booking system says 8 people…what if I have just 2 people?
All of our rooms are private rooms, whether you book two or eight (maximum).  That being said, in our experience, we recommend at least 4 people to get the maximum teamwork and enjoyment from your experience.

How much does this cost?
Your cost is just $250.00 for this hour of fun.  We do run occasional promotions, so check out our Facebook or Instagram to grab a code! Limit one promotion per booking.

Can I use my expired Groupon?
You can use the amount paid towards any of our private room experiences.  Please call us directly so we can make this adjustment. No further discounts available.

What happens if I arrive late?
Because we have a small time-frame to reset the room for the next group, it is imperative that you start your game on time.  Should your group arrive late, you can still play, however, your end time will remain the same.  Don’t short change yourself and others!  Please  arrive approximately 15 minutes early to make sure you are there to go over the rules and begin on time.  Refunds cannot be issued.

Are cell phones or cameras permitted?
Due to the sensitive nature of puzzles and clues, cell phones and cameras are not allowed to be used in the room during play time.  There will be photo opportunities after you complete the challenge – and feel free post them to your social media!
@funhouseescape #sixtyminutestocurtain

What should I bring with me?
Your sleuthing skills and a great attitude!  Everything you need to solve the clues, puzzles and riddles will be in the room.  We will provide some scratch paper and a pencil should you need it.   Use your hour wisely!  You will have to work fast to look for clues, figure them out, and communicate with other guests to complete the challenge. Don’t give up!

What are the rules?
For a full list of rules, please read the terms and conditions at time of booking.

Where can I find the clues?
We encourage you to look around, open things, pick things up, etc. to find the clues and puzzles.  BUT… in our particular room, you do not need to move or turn over furniture, remove artwork from the walls, or pull up the carpet to find a clue.  We appreciate it if you do not destroy anything in the room.  We take great care to reset  the room so that each team of guests can have the best experience.  Please help us to make this possible.

What happens if I do not solve the puzzle?
Though you have one hour complete the puzzle, some will not finish the game. If you’d like, we can offer clues during the game.

Do I get anything for winning the game?
The satisfaction of solving a puzzle and bragging rights!

Can I come back if I have been through the room already?
We have had players come back with another group of friends and sit back to watch them play.  You can also come play our sequel… it is still the Dressing Room, but we have all new puzzles, locks and costumes.