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Current Experiences

From the moment you arrive at Funhouse Escape, you are immersed in our theater world.  As you enter through our backstage door, the Stage Manager will usher you through the crowded halls filled with vintage posters to your destination.

The Dressing Room:
Sixty Minutes to Curtain

Your touring group of actors arrive at a dressing room to find that the main costumes for your show are locked in a trunk that cannot be opened.  Your act starts in an hour, but you can’t go onstage until you gather the clues to solve the combination and open the trunk. You have just Sixty Minutes to Curtain… can you do it?

Fee: $250
Private room – up to 8 players

The Dressing Room:
The Rivals Strike Back

(Formerly known as Another Sixty Minutes to Curtain)

You loved the original, now come play the sequel!  The Rivals Strike Back keeps the Dressing Room as your themed room, with all new puzzles, locks and final reveal, creating a whole new experience for you to solve. The room may look the same, but don’t let it fool you.

Fee: $250
Private room – up to 8 players
Special Engagement – Currently a limited run, one weekend per month

The Stage Manager’s Office

The Stage Manager’s office is different than our other puzzle room experiences.  In this unique escape room, instead of completing a challenge with time left on the clock, this experience has you trying to solve as many puzzles as possible within a 60 minute period.  There are over 20 stand alone puzzles to choose from, all with different point values and degrees of difficulty.  Your goal is to acquire as many points as possible to break the record.

This is a small room with a maximum capacity of 4.  Each group must book the entire room to play.  Some participants will need to be on the floor to play, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Fee: $125 per group.  Private room experience for you and three of your closest friends.
** Due to puzzle difficulty, we do not recommend this experience for children under 12. By appointment only – please call for availability.

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